Garden Power and lighting

It’s that time of year when homeowners and gardeners alike start to think about their gardens. Not only the plants but also lighting, power and water features.

Here are some points to consider when planning and designing your project

All outside sockets must be RCD protected for safety. An RCD (residual current device) works by switching off the flow of electricity when a cable or flex is cut

Cables underground must be buried at a sufficient depth to avoid damage from garden tools. This will require the electrician to dig a trench in the garden

All cabling should be suitable for installation outside. Your registered electrician can advise you on the best options

Decorative lights plugged into an outdoor socket should be taken inside after use unless they are clearly labelled as waterproof. They are not designed to stay out all year round

Make sure electric pumps don’t electrify the water, the risk of electric shock is higher when there’s water about.

Incorrectly installed or damaged mains supplied pumps can result in injury or death to you, your family or even your fish.

A mains supplied electric water pump in the garden should be: Protected by an RCD that is tested at least every 3 months. Installed in accordance with manufacturers’ instructions. Provided with cables that are protected against accidental damage. Maintained in good working order, including cables and any connections. If there’s a problem, switch off the water pump’s electrical supply immediately and have the pump repaired by a registered electrician.


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